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The County Canvassing Board is made up of three primary members: the Supervisor of Elections, a county court judge who serves as chair, and a member of the county commission. There are also two alternate members appointed - an additional county court judge and county commission member. This board convenes publicly at the Supervisor of Elections office to scrutinize both absentee and provisional ballots.

In circumstances where a member cannot fulfill their duties, or if they're actively involved in a contentious election - either as a candidate or a campaign participant - they will be replaced according to the guidelines set forth in Florida Statute 102.141.

All business conducted by the Canvassing Board takes place at the Supervisor of Elections office. Information regarding the dates and times of all board meetings will be made available to the public on our website. For further information about the duties of the County Canvassing Board, please consult Florida Election Laws, specifically F.S. 102.141.