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A dash ( - ) represents detailed groups (Election Day, Vote By Mail, Early Votes, Provisional) with between 1 and 29 votes in accordance with Florida Statute 98.0981(2)(a):

Within 30 days after certification by the Elections Canvassing Commission of a presidential preference primary election, special election, primary election, or general election, the supervisors of elections shall collect and submit to the department precinct-level election results for the election in a uniform electronic format specified by paragraph (c). The precinct-level election results shall be compiled separately for the primary or special primary election that preceded the general or special general election, respectively. The results shall specifically include for each precinct the total of all ballots cast for each candidate or nominee to fill a national, state, county, or district office or proposed constitutional amendment, with subtotals for each candidate and ballot type, unless fewer than 30 voters voted a ballot type. “All ballots cast” means ballots cast by voters who cast a ballot whether at a precinct location, by vote-by-mail ballot including overseas vote-by-mail ballots, during the early voting period, or by provisional ballot.