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Civil Rights Restoration

The Florida Office of Executive Clemency is a key resource for individuals who have been convicted of a felony and are seeking to restore their voting rights. According to Florida Statutes (Sections 97.041, 97.053, 97.055), a felony conviction impacts one's right to vote. To regain this right, a person must have their voting rights restored and register to vote in Florida by the book closing deadline.

The Office of Executive Clemency can be contacted for assistance and more information. Their contact details are as follows:

In addition to the Office of Executive Clemency, there are other non-partisan groups committed to helping individuals through this process. These include:

If you're unsure whether your rights have been restored, you can conduct an online Civil Rights Restoration Search. After confirming that your rights have been restored, you must complete a Florida Voter Registration Application to register to vote.