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Initiative Petitions


In Florida, the people have the right to propose amendments to the Florida Constitution through an initiative petition process.

Throughout the year, we verify tens of thousands of initiative petitions signed by St. Lucie County voters. Sponsors of these initiatives must secure the required number of valid signatures in order for their initiative to be placed on a General Election ballot. 

Pursuant to Florida Statute 100.371(11)b., St. Lucie County’s actual cost of signature verification of an initiative petition is $0.40 per petition (rev. 02/01/2022).

    Total to Date   Reporting Period 01/26/2024 - 01/31/2024
Petition Number PetitionTitle Valid CNG Dist 21   Total Received Total Valid CNG Dist. 21 Total Invalid Total Certified to State
22-01  Prayer Back in Schools 7   0 0 0 0
22-02  Right to Clean and Healthy Waters 3,481   0 0 0 0
22-03  Human Life Protection Amendment 747   0 456 137 593
22-05  Adult Personal Use of Marijuana 14,287   0 0 0 0
23-07  Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion 23,988   0 0 0 0

For a list of all current state initiative petitions as well as the Florida initiative petition process, forms, procedures, rules and more, Visit the Division of Elections – Florida Department of State website

Please Note:

  • Certified to State includes all verified petitions certified to the state during this reporting period, both valid and invalid. This number includes petitions received in the prior months.
  • All petitions reported are within Congressional District 21.