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A Message From Gertrude Walker, Supervisor of Elections

Freedom is not free. It comes with a price, but one that every American citizen can easily afford – their vote. Each and every election in our community gives us another chance to invest in freedom. Events in our country in recent times have underscored the importance of freedom and the value of every vote. As Americans we have a tremendous responsibility in preserving democracy. Now more than ever, elected officials are called upon to ensure that voting is indeed still the ticket to our freedom.

As caretakers of the voting process in St. Lucie County, my staff and I take tremendous pride in our efforts to
reassure our citizens that every eligible person will not miss their chance to exercise their unalienable right to vote
and to have their vote accurately counted, to ensure that polls and voting equipment are accessible to all and that
procedures for voting are easy to understand and that every citizen is informed about voting. Since the 2000
Election, the legislature passed the Election Reform Act of 2001 mandating that elections in every county in Florida
are conducted using the same standards and procedures to protect the rights of every voter. Congress passed The
Help America Vote Act of 2003 enacting safeguards such that:

Every voter leaves the precinct knowing that his vote has been counted.

If a mistake is made, he is notified and is allowed up to two replacements to correct his ballot before leaving
the precinct.

If a voter's eligibility is questioned at the polls, he has a right to vote a Provisional ballot in the precinct in
which he lives.

Every voter is eligible to Vote by Mail ─ for convenience ─ in the Supervisor of Elections office, or during Early
Voting before Election Day. This will ensure that the fear of long lines at the precinct or a tight schedule does not
discourage voter participation.

Thank you for visiting our web site and for your interest in the voting process as Election Day approaches once

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