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A Message From Gertrude Walker, Supervisor of Elections

Freedom isn't just handed to us; it comes with the responsibility of voting. Every local election is a fresh opportunity for us to reinforce our freedom. Recent happenings have made it clear just how vital each vote is. As Americans, we have an important role in safeguarding our democracy and we count on our elected officials to make sure our freedom is protected through voting.

In St. Lucie County, the team responsible for managing the voting process is committed to ensuring every citizen gets their chance to vote. We work hard to make all voting locations and machines easily accessible to everyone. Our goal is to simplify voting procedures and keep citizens well-informed about the voting process.

We have legal measures in place to protect voters' rights. Across Florida, we use the same standards and procedures. The "Help America Vote Act" was passed by Congress to offer further protection for voters. This act reassures voters that their vote has been counted, allows them to correct their ballot up to two times if a mistake is made, and offers a Provisional ballot option if their eligibility is questioned. Plus, all voters can vote by mail or vote at the Supervisor of Elections office or during Early Voting to avoid long waits or conflicts with busy schedules.

Thank you for taking an interest in voting and for visiting our website. And remember, Election Day is just around the corner.

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